Zorro White Witch of Prekrasne

I am thrilled to be welcoming a new, handsome silver boy to Prekrasne. Zorro joins me from the Czech Republic and I could not be happier to have him join us. 

Registered with TICA, CFA, & LCWW.

Zorro will be neutered in late 2024 and remain here as a show alter and my roommate’s pet. He may be the most affectionate cat ever and she can’t bear to part with him. So he stays.

Zorro’s Information

  • Sire: Benjamin Khaleesi Delia
  • Dam: Vlasta Line Rubinka
  • Color: black CORIN silver mackerel tabby (NSU 23)
    • Carries classic tabby
  • HCM Negative/Normal
    • 11/18/22 Dr. Chris Paige, DVM DACVIM
    • 11/09/23 Dr Chris Paige, DVM DACVIM
  • PKD: Clear by  Ultrasound 01/22/23
  • DNA Clear/Unaffected for all testable diseases
  • Blood Type: A/A