How to be part of the family: Finding the right Siberian kitten

You’ve joined the hunt for Siberian kittens.  Welcome Hunters!  This is where you start.  Of course we don’t always have kittens.  In fact, we only have litters a few times a year.  So this hunt may take a while, but it’s worth it!

Prekrasne & Supurrnatural Siberian Kittens 

Siberian Kittens from Prekrasne & Supurrnatural are adorable, active, intelligent, and friendly.  Our kittens are raised to be part of the family.  They are handled and cuddled from birth.  When they’re old enough, we bring them out to socialize and explore the house to build their confidence.  We’ve always raised our kittens to become amazing family members.  We don’t believe in sheltering our kittens from the world.  We want them to be confident, social, healthy, and ready for their future families.  That starts at birth.  

We also keep our kittens until they are around 14 to 16 weeks old.  Because our kittens go home already spayed or neutered, we want them to have time to heal and not go through the stress of joining a new home too close to their surgery.  We also prefer they go home with 2 or more of their kitten booster vaccines.  This gives our future families less to worry about when they bring home their kitten. 

We think they’re worth the wait.

As of January 2022, we will now focus on placing kittens within arizona, California, & New Mexico Only (does not apply to our returning owners)

Our Process

Available Kittens

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The Answer Is...

Bobby's emotional quote in Season 3 "Family don't end with blood, boy" came to define the show and became the foundation for the fandom known as the SPN Family.
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