How to Join the Hunt for a Siberian Kitten

No more waiting list! If you’ve been wonder how to join the hunt for a Prekrasne or Supurrnatural Siberian Kitten, it just got easier. Starting in 2021, Prekrasne & Supurrnatural will be returning to our old way of handing inquiries for our kittens.  In 2019 and 2020, I opted to add a waiting list.  However, after managing it for a while I realized why I preferred the way I’d handled it for the previous 12-13 years.  As a result, once my current waiting list is cleared out I will take inquiries on a first come, first served basis for approved applications.

How to Join - The Process

Before I make any kittens available to general inquiries, I will give priority to breeding/show homes and repeat Prekrasne families.  However, I retain first pick for myself. Subsequently, I will make the pet kittens available.

  • All inquiries must start by completing our pre-screening form.  Afterwards, I will follow up with additional questions. Completing an inquiry form does not guarantee approval
  • If approved, 
  • While age may vary, I Generally make available around 4-6 weeks old.
  • I may also post Kittens on our pubic Facebook page
  • A $500 holding fee is required to reserve. I will not reserve or hold kittens until the holding fee is received.
  • Once reserved, I will stay in communication via a password protected client portal. This is the client’s own personal portal.
  • I normally take kittens to be spayed or neutered around 12 weeks of age.  I will have the kittens vaccinated around this time a well.
  • you will make the Final payment in cash or via Zelle or Venmo at the time of pick up if pick up is in person.  If you are using a courier, final payment must be made no later than 1 week prior to scheduled pick up.  You should make your final payment no later than 3 weeks before the scheduled delivery date if you plan to pay by check or money order.
How to Join - Siberian Kittens


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