RW QGC Prekrasne Fudgin Fudge "Fudge"

Fudge is a classically Siberian looking girl. She has a wilder expression, strong markings, and a brown tabby coat that, while not flashy, drew me to Siberians initially.

Fudge is taking after her dad in that her coat is coming in slowly! She is slowly maturing and developing nicely.

I adore her friendly, loving, and athletic personality. I’m enjoying watching her grow up.


She is a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion and LCWW Grand Champion.

2022/2023 TICA SW Region 12th Best Longhair Cat

Fudge’s Information

  • Sire: Harry Leamar “Harry”
  • Dam: Prekrasne The Family Business
  • Color: Brown spotted tabby  (n 24)
  • HCM Negative/Normal
    • 01/28/24 Dr. J. Orvalho, DVM DACVIM
  • DNA: clear/unaffected for all testable diseases via optimal selection
  • Blood Type: AA
  • Carries CORIN and classic tabby; does not carry cp, solid, or dilute


Fudge's name is taken from this holiday special from S3. Bonus points if you can name the couple.

The Answer Is...

A Very Supernatural Christmas.
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