Breeding/Show Prospects

  1. J.L. – breeding/show female (Gabby’s litter)
  2. L.P. – Show


  1. C.S.  –  Male (any color but black silver tabby)
  2. T.V. – Male, red or red silver tabby
  3. S.R. – Male, bi-metallic/CORIN silver
  4. L.H. – Male, bi-metallic/CORIN silver
  5. S.H. – bi-metallic/CORIN silver
  6. J.T. 
  7. K.T. – not until summer/fall 2024
  8. L.A. – Yashma or Lisa’s litter
  9. K.R. – Zorro baby
  10. B.S. 

Planned Litters for 2024

This is our first planned litter for 2024. Charlie is a hefty red silver girl and she’s sired by my big boy, Cello. Because she’s a red silver tabby & white girl, ALL of her boys in her litter will be red or red silver and ALL of her girls will be brown/black torbies or black silver torbies. That’s it. 

Zorro and Charlie have been bred and if it was successful, the litter would be due around New Years Day. 

Zorro & Charlie are both DNA tested and Cardiac screened. 

I am planning a litter between Zorro & Gabby for early 2024. There will not be any lynx point kittens in this litter because Zorro does not carry the pointed gene.

The possible colors include: Brown tabby, black silver tabby, red tabby or red silver tabby (males), brown torbie, black CORIN gold torbie, black CORIN silver torbie or black silver torbie (females), black CORIN gold or black CORIN silver.

I am planning a repeat of the Golden Girls litter for Spring of 2024. It was such a pretty and fun litter it’s worth repeating. They are the parents of Prekrasne Dean Girl.

The only color options are black CORIN gold and black CORIN silver (bimetallic).

This litter is planned for Summer 2024 to give Sparkle a good year long break.

This litter is a repeat and they are the parents of Supurrnatural Tall Tails “Gabby.”

Lots of color options and this litter will be my only chance for lynx point kittens.