The Girls of Prekrasne & Supurrnatural

If the boys of Prekrasne are the cornerstone, the girls are the foundation.  I could not be happier with the amazing girls that I’ve selected because each one has such wonderful characteristics.  In addition, they are all such social, funny, and friendly girls. Some of the queens have already had kittens in past years and have proven to be amazing moms and passed on their wonderful personalities.  This is a big reason why these girls are such valued members of the breeding program as well as treasured pets.  They snuggle on the sofa and sleep on the beds when they aren’t caring for their kittens.  

The girls & Their Health

The girls’ health is of the utmost importance.  Each of our queens is screened by DNA for multiple diseases and each one is completely clear.  In addition, we routinely screen our cats for cardiac health and evaluate their overall health. I also believe that our Queens should spend most of their lives as pets, so most of the girls retire from breeding before they turn 5 years old. 

You can click on each of our queen’s links below to learn more about them.  


Prekrasne Into The Mystic


Supurrnatural Can't Stop Shining


Prekrasne Natural Witch


Prekrasne Fudgin Fudge


The character of Missouri Mosely was first introduced in which episode of Supernatural?

The Answer Is...

Missouri Mosely was introduced in the Season 1 episode titled "Home". She was a psychic who was friends with Sam & Dean's father, John Winchester. The character was played by Loretta Devine.
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