Showing Siberian Cats & Siberian Cat health

In addition to my dedication to breeding Siberian Cats, I have also invested considerable time and effort in showcasing them. I firmly believe that a significant level of commitment is necessary to ensure that the cats I breed adhere to the established breed standard.

Engaging in cat shows entails substantial investments of both time and financial resources to subjectively evaluate my cats. It also necessitates a willingness to accept criticism constructively, enabling me to maintain an objective perspective on the quality of my cats. Moreover, it entails diligently socializing and handling my cats, preparing them to thrive amidst the bustling atmosphere of the show hall. A crucial aspect of this undertaking is breeding cats that serve as exemplary ambassadors of the breed. Additionally, it requires me to become well-versed in the intricacies of the breed, empowering me to educate others, including judges, about its distinctive characteristics.

This level of commitment leaves no room for shortcuts. Rather than boasting about pedigrees replete with world champions, I focus on my understanding of the breed, its standards, and my own accomplishments. This approach recognizes that even pedigrees boasting illustrious ancestry and exceptional parents can produce offspring classified as pet quality. It is my responsibility to possess an intimate knowledge of my breed and its standard. This commitment transcends mere pride; it encompasses the gratification derived from witnessing the culmination of years of meticulous work and selective breeding aimed at achieving the ideal blend of type, temperament, and correct structure.

Further exemplifying my dedication to the Siberian Cat, I actively participate in initiatives related to health, health research, and mentoring. I initiated a successful fundraising campaign, raising $10,000 to support research endeavors addressing heart disease in the Siberian Cat. Moreover, I coordinated the acquisition and donation of DNA blood samples from Siberian Cats affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), facilitating 99Lives’ identification of potential variants associated with HCM in the Siberian breed. While research in this field is ongoing, this collaborative effort represents a significant stride forward. Additionally, I established the Siberian Cat Health Association, which facilitates the tracking of DNA and cardiac testing results for any breeder in North America willing to contribute.

Presently, I proudly serve as a member of TICA’s Siberian Cat Breed Committee. In recognition of my contributions and dedication, I was honored to be voted as TICA’s Southwest Region Member of the Year for the 2019-2020 show season. These roles and acknowledgments further validate my enduring commitment to the Siberian Cat breed and its advancement at various levels of involvement and responsibility.

Showing Siberian Cat in Cat Show
RW SGC Gauvain d'Arioska

Tica breeding & show mentor

founder/president - cactus cats cat club (tica chartered club)


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