Showing Siberian Cats & Siberian Cat health

In addition to breeding Siberian Cats, I’ve also spent time showing them a well.  I believe there is a level of commitment involved that needs to be put in so I can ensure the cats I breed adhere to the breed standard.

Showing Siberian Cats means investing a great deal of time and money having my cats evaluated objectively. In addition, it means I am willing to hear criticism of my cats so I can keep an objective eye on their quality.  It means I need to socialize and handle my cats so they can enjoy the chaos of the show hall. A big part of this is breeding cats that can be ambassadors of the breed. It also means becoming an expert on the breed so I could educate others – including judges.

This commitment means there aren’t shortcuts.  You won’t see me claim my cats have pedigrees filled with World Champions even if they do.  That’s because even amazing pedigrees and amazing parents can produce pet quality offspring.  It’s my job to know my breed and know the standard.  It’s more than just bragging rights, it’s the joy of seeing the culmination of years of my work and selection for type, temperament, and correct structure.

Other ways I show my commitment to the Siberian Cat is by being involved in health, health research, and mentoring.  I started a fundraiser to help fund research into heart disease in the Siberian Cat and this raised $10,000.  I also located and arranged for donation of DNA blood samples of Siberian Cats affected by HCM.  This funding and samples helped 99Lives identify candidate variants for HCM in the Siberian.  It’s still being researched, but it’s a big step forward.  I also founded the Siberian Cat Health Association which tracks DNA and cardiac testing results for any breeder in North America that wishes to contribute.

I am currently serving on TICA’s Siberian Cat Breed Committee.  I was also voted TICA’s Southwest Region Member of the Year for the 2019-2020 show season.

Showing Siberian Cat in Cat Show
RW SGC Gauvain d'Arioska

Tica breeding & show mentor

founder/president - cactus cats cat club (tica chartered club)


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