RW GRC Prekrasne Mystery Spot - Salome

Salome is a funny, flashy girl.  She is the daughter of my retired male, Gabe, and my retired female, Maddie.  She inherited both parents outgoing and friendly manner and her mom’s random patches of white.  Her incredible emerald green eyes sparkle and shine. They remind me of her father’s eyes.  Another reason I love this girl is because through her mom, I was able to bring back some of my original lines. 

Salome saw some limited show time in 2019/2020 Show Season, but due to COVID 19 her career was cut a bit short.  However, she did manage to earn a 22nd Best Allbreed Kitten award.  I would love to eventually get her back out in the show ring and earn her titled, but it may not happen since we have not had a show in our area since March 2020.  I would love to show off her great temperament, great barrel body, and amazing coat.

I only plan one more litter with Salome.  I’ve kept her daughter and I have another related girl.  So, she’ll be spayed in l2022. Salome will not be available after she retires.  She will be joining her father’s breeder as a pet. 

Salome’s Information

Salome earned the following awards for the 2019/2020 TICA SW Region

  • 22nd Best Allbreed Kitten
  • 3rd Best Siberian Kitten

Salome earned the following awards for the 2021/22 TICA SW Region

  • 14th Best Longhair Cat
  • Sire: RW TGC Mystic Melody Trickster Angel “Gabe”
  • Dam: Etude of Prekrasne “Maddie”
  • Color: Brown (Black) classic tabby w/white (n 09 22)
  • HCM: Normal/Healthy via ultrasound 10/20 by Dr Sarah Miller, DVM DACVIM & Normal 03/22 by Dr Chris Paige, DVM DACVIM
  • PKD: Clear by Ultrasound 04/09/22
  • DNA: clear/unaffected for all testable diseases via Optimal Selection
  • Carries colorpoint & golden
Salome 20th Best Kitten SW Region
The Girls - Salome


In the Season 3 episode titled, "Mystery Spot", what is the song that plays each time Sam wakes up to the same day over and over?

The Answer Is...

The song that plays is "Heat of the moment" by the supergroup, Asia.
Click Here to listen to "Heat of the Moment"