My Breeding Philosophy

Over the years, I’ve found that my breeding philosophy stayed the same.  I’ve learned different things, but my core values have remained the same.

I have always been committed to the welfare of my cats and the breed.  As part of this commitment, I wanted to leave the Siberian breed better off for having me part of the breeding community.  Like everyone, I still make mistakes, but I use those mistakes to learn and help others.

My Core Values

Pets First

Our cats should make amazing pets


My breeding cats and my kittens are pets first. Great temperament & amazing personalities are a must.

Health Before Beauty

Aim for great type, but put health first


I can always get type back, but health issues can affect my program and the breed

Do the Right thing

The right thing isn't always easy


Doing the right thing for the breed, my program, and my cats isn't always easy but it's always the best option.

These core values not only drive my breeding philosophy, but influences how I address health issues that affect the breed. In addition, it is My belief that transparency is needed in order for their to be progress in tackling genetic diseases.  

My core values also help me make decisions about who I opt to work with in my breeding program,  First, This includes who I will sell a breeding cat. Next, it drives my decisions about those I choose to buy from. In addition,  my core values help me when I choose to work with those breeders who share my commitment to the health and well being of the Siberian.  Finally,  it has formed my belief in showing so that the owners of my kittens can know their kittens will look Siberian!


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