Our Siberian Cats are the highlight of Prekrasne & Supurrnatural.  These gorgeous Siberian Cats are the product of years of selecting for the best in temperament, health, and great Siberian looks.  I’m proud to have most our Siberians born and bred right here at Prekrasne.  Over the course of my breeding career, I’ve imported and brought in numerous lines and breeding cats.  Not all of them ended up contributing to my program long term either through intentionally selecting against certain qualities or by chance.  However, those that made the cut have proven to be worthy of their contributions to the breed.

All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for 50+ diseases, HCM scanned regularly, and starting in 2024 we will start having the cats evaluated for hip dysplasia with radiographs evaluated and certified by PawPeds. We also have our cats PKD scanned but this is less important now that MyCatScan’s DNA test now includes PKD2 for Siberian cats. 

some of our retirees

Escada Phantom Cats is behind our current girls Sparkle, Gabby, and Fudge. 

Escada is retired from breeding and lives with Janelle & her husband in Zurich, Switzerland. 

  • DNA: Negative for all testable diseases
  • HCM Scanned Normal 01/23/19
  • HCM scanned normal 03/24/21
  • HCM scanned normal 06/12/24 

RW DGCA Prekrasne Jus in Belo is the daughter of Escada (above) and RW GC Miloslav iz Tzartzva Zimy. 

Lilith lives with our friend Dena and her family in Texas.

  • DNA: Negative for all testable diseases
  • HCM Scanned Normal 10/23/18
  • HCM scanned normal 08/30/19
  • HCM Scanned Normal 02/27/21
  • Updated scan planned for Spring 2024

RW TGC Mystic Melody Trickster Angel “Gabe” is father to Hercules and is behind Sparkle, Fudge, and Gabby. Gabe lives in Washington State with our friends Jessica & Kyle and our two other graduates, Arwen and Aragorn.

  • DNA: Negative for all testable diseases
  • HCM Scanned Normal 10/26/18
  • HCM Scanned Normal 03/29/21
  • Updated scan planned for Spring 2024

RW SGC Prekrasne Team Free Will “Hercules” is father to Sparkle and grandfather to Gabby. His mother is Lilith and his father is Gabe and his grandmother is Escada. He is also uncle to Fudge.

Hercules is my heart cat and is staying with me. 

  • DNA: Negative for all testable diseases
  • HCM Scanned Normal 11/22/19
  • HCM Scanned Normal 11/13/20
  • HCM Scanned Normal 04/03/22
  • HCM Scanned Normal 01/28/24
  • Kidney ultrasound clear for PKD 


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