Our Siberian Cats are the highlight of Prekrasne & Supurrnatural.  These gorgeous Siberian Cats are the product of years of selecting for the best in temperament, health, and great Siberian looks.  I’m proud to have most our Siberians born and bred right here at Prekrasne.  Over the course of my breeding career, I’ve imported and brought in numerous lines and breeding cats.  Not all of them ended up contributing to my program long term either through intentionally selecting against certain qualities or by chance.  However, those that made the cut have proven to be worthy of their contributions to the breed.

Each of our cats deserves their own chance to shineSo, click on The Boys to learn about our awesome Siberian Cat males and click on The Girls to learn more about our Siberian Cat females – affectionately referred to as Kings and Queens.

The Boys

Check out the boys of Prekrasne & Supurrnatural

The Girls

Check out the girls of Prekrasne & Supurrnatural


The car driven by dean in most of Supernatural is often considered to be one of the main characters. What is the year make and model of this car?

The Answer Is...

Dean's car is a black 1967 Chevrolet impala that previously belonged to John Winchester. additional bonus trivia: The car is named Baby & in Season 11 she had her own episode.
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