How My Story Began

My story of founding Prekrasne in 2006 actually started by accident in 2005.  I discovered the Siberian Cat when I was browsing the internet looking for information about my dog.  Kody was an American Eskimo dog. while I searched for information about him, I found information about the Siberian Husky and eventually I found the Siberian Cat.  it was love at first site.

at this time, I had a ragdoll cat.  I’d heard about showing cats before and I considered showing my Ragdoll.  Unfortunately, he was mismarked.  After I saw the Siberian Cat,  I decided I wanted to get a good one and try my hand at showing.  I searched  and had no luck.  After this less than stellar experience, I decided I would give it a go myself.

As a result, I searched all over the world for my first Siberian cats and I started off with some very mediocre examples of the breed.  I eventually placed them in  wonderful pet homes.  Then I lucked out and I bought my first male and female Siberian Cats – Godomir and Candy.  Candy is pictured on this page.  she is still alive and well and born in 2006  I added Veksha Timange-Fialka after that and then Eureka & Earbis Asthera.  You can even find a picture of my first male, Godomir, when he was a kitten in the book “I Love Cats & Kittens.  You can click here to find the book on Amazon.

Where we go from here

When I first made the decision to raise and breed Siberian Cats, I did so with a goal in mind.  I wanted the breed to benefit from my contributions.  This goal drives what I do and how I do it.  This doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, but I try to learn from them and bring this knowledge back to help others.

The rest of my story, as they say, is history.  I look forward to the future.


My Story - Candy
Candalise Onix Gloria, one of my first queens.


My second cattery prefix and the registered names of most of my cats, come from this long running genre show on the CW. The show ended in 2020 afer 15 seasons.

The answer is...

The show that inspired my second cattery name and the name of many of my cats is "Supernatural". The show about two brothers from Kansas fighting demons and monsters.
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