We do not have any available kittens

We do not have litters year-round. I try to limit my litters to around 4 per year. That means a Prekrasne kitten takes time and patience. if you are interested in being one of the lucky few who are selected as a future home for one of our Siberian kittens, please check back with us. 

I have three litters planned for 2023, but they are subject to change. The plan is for one around the beginning of summer and two for late fall. In addition to Sparkle’s litter, I hope for a litter from Charlie & Zorro and Yashma & Zorro – both hopefully in the fall. I am planning on a litter from Gabby & Zorro in early 2024.

Zorro will retire after this litter and remain at Prekrasne as a pet and show alter. He is so incredibly affectionate, we can’t bear to let him go. 

I also plan to retire sparkle after her litter is old enough. She’ll be just a bit over 2 years old at that point. If you’re looking for a fairly young, pretty lynx point with a lot of personality, Sparkle is a great option. She could also go home with one of her kittens – although it would probably need to be a boy. She’s a bit of a bully to girls. 

Upcoming Plans

I am planning on this litter for around mid June. 

Sparkle and Zorro will have a litter of all tabbies – black silver, brown, and possibly CORIN gold and CORIN silver IF Sparkle received the CORIN gene from her father.

Zorro is DNA tested clear, HCM scanned normal, and PKD scanned clear.

Sparkle is DNA tested clear and HCM scanned normal.