Supurrnatural Tall Tails "Gabby"

Gabby is definitely the product of her parents. She has her mother’s bold, athletic nature with her father’s broad body, rounded features, heavy coat, and his sweetness. 

Gabby is registered in TICA, CFA, & LCWW

Gabby will be in her first shows this fall and winter.

Fudge’s Information

  • Sire: RW QGC Lemon Top*Matryoshka “Cello”
  • Dam: Supurrnatural Can’t Stop Shining “Sparkle”
  • Color: Blue torbie point 
  • HCM Negative/Normal
    • 01/28/24 Dr J. Orvalho, DVM DACVIM
  • PKD: Kidney ultrasound scheduled for 6/23/24
  • DNA: clear/unaffected for all testable diseases via optimal selection. Carries Factor XII, but this has no health impact
  • Blood Type: AA
  • Carries solid, CORIN and classic tabby