Dedication to Siberians Cats

I’ve shown my dedication to Siberian Cats and ONLY the Siberian Cat since 2006.  It seems more and more breeders are juggling multiple breeds and multiple species. However, I’ve chosen to be dedicated to the Siberian Cat. I focus  my time and energy only on the Siberian Cat and have for the last 15 years.

Because I’ve been focused on the Siberian Cat for this long, I’ve taken advantage of this time to learn everything I can about my breed.

When I first learned about the Siberian Cat, I dove into everything I could find. I researched pedigrees, learned about bloodlines, and learned the standards for the different cat associations.

As a result of this research, I was able to find breeding cats that combined great type, that great sweet but wild Siberian look, and diverse genetics. My passion for the breed drove me to learn everything I possibly could about the breed.

What I’ve Learned

Another way I’ve shown my dedication to Siberian Cats is through educating myself and others. 

The first thing you learn as a breeder is that breeding is an expensive hobby.  Second, it requires a big financial and emotional commitment to do things the right way. All of this is part of the dedication to Siberian Cats.

Over the years I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the people out there who’ve done research and chosen me as their breeder of choice.  It’s been an honor.

In addition, When I mentor new breeders, one of the things I like to stress is that breeding is about more than just placing the next kitten.  It’s about the impact you have on the Siberian Cat in the long run.  I take that mission seriously!

Finally, My dedication to Siberian Cats is what led me to create the Siberian Cat Health Association.  I wanted to provide a resource for breeders and pet owners.  I am always happy to share my cat’s results with our future owners.

Dedication to Siberian Cats