RW QGC Lemon Top*Matryoshka

My decision to get handsome Cello wasn’t necessarily a logical one. I happened on him and saw his adorable face and I just couldn’t pass him up.  I mean come on – look at that face?  He’s a doll.  Did I NEED him – No! Not sure how long he’ll be part of the program, but I just love this adorable redhead.

He already made a very nice opening debut as a show Siberian and I look forward to taking him out again.

I call him Cello because his name is Lemon and that turned into Limoncello which turned into Cello.  So, say Hello, Cello!


Cello’s Information

  • 2021/22 TICA SW Region 17th Best Allbreed Kitten
  • 2022/23 TICA SW Region 11th Best Allbreed Cat/7th Best Longhair Cat
  • 2022/23 TICA SW Region Best Siberian Cat
  • Sire: Punsh Top*Matryoshka
  • Dam: Emmanuel Top*Matryoshka
  • Color: Red Mackerel Tabby & White (d 09 23)
  • HCM: Normal/Negative
    • 08/14/22 Dr Sarah Miller DVM DACVIM
    • Schedule for May 2024
  • PKD: Clear by Ultrasound 04/09/22
  • DNA: clear/unaffected for all testable diseases via optimal selection. Carries Factor XII, but this has no health impact
  •  Carries dilute and classic tabby